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Fractional Plasma Skin Resurfacing

Are You Ready for the New Skin Revolution?  

Every so often, a game-changing technology elevates skin rejuvenation to whole new levels. Today, that technology is the Plasma™ fractional skin resurfacing system, and it’s poised to become skincare’s biggest revolution to date. It is the first fractional plasma technology to enter the market.  Not to be confused with strictly plasma devices, the combination of radiofrequency (RF) with “microplasma” energy allows physicians & techs to treat skin texture and quality concerns in less time and with less patient downtime than ever before. 

How Does  Plasma™ Fractional Skin Resurfacing Treatment Work? 

This revolutionary skin resurfacing treatment is one of the most exciting advancements in the aesthetic medicine industry!  The Opus Glow is the first-ever RF Plasma skin resurfacing technology that provides exceptional results for ALL SKIN TYPES! It features radio frequency (RF) technology that harnesses Plasma energy to provide more versatility than any other resurfacing device on the market.  

 Plasma™ is the first of its kind. It is a fractional plasma technology that operates at a high frequency, over 40MHz, supercharging the metal pins (not needles) of Opus Plasma’s™ tips with high unipolar radiofrequency voltage. In close proximity to the skin, the RF-charged pins react to atmospheric pressure to generate plasma, which in turn creates microthermal fractional injuries to jumpstart healing.  Plasma™ is highly adjustable to the desired level of ablation, offering light, moderate or aggressive settings, providing Dr. Craig Schwartz with incredible control over the results, which are proving to match some of the most aggressive CO2 laser treatments without the high degree of pain and downtime. 

Am I a Good Candidate?

If you’re concerned about age spots, lines, and wrinkles, loose or lax skin, acne scarring, rough or uneven skin tone, stretch marks, or pigmentation issues,  Plasma is the treatment you’ve been waiting for. 


Certain conditions may disqualify patients from having  Plasma treatments, including pregnant women or those prone to keloid scarring. Patients with anemia or eczema/psoriasis should also avoid  Plasma Resurfacing. And unlike laser resurfacing treatments that use heat, the  Plasma™ is for EVERYONE, as its energy source allows it to be used on ALL SKIN TYPES! 


Schedule a complimentary consultation with to see if this treatment is right for your skin concerns. 

What is  Fractional Skin Resurfacing Like? 

Treatment with  Plasma™ resurfacing targets fine lines and wrinkles, lax or loose skin, uneven skin tone and texture, crepey under-eyes and eyelids, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, and acne scarring. After an application of numbing cream to help patients remain comfortable during the treatment, which allows us to maximize the ablation level for the best possible results, the entire skin resurfacing can be completed in just 15 minutes, There may be mild redness and swelling afterward that quickly resolves. This treatment involves much less discomfort as compared to its more painful competitors, including Fraxel. 

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What Results Can I Expect? 

The  Plasma™ provides stunning results with minimal downtime – results so remarkable that they’re often visible after just the first treatment, though most patients see peak results after a series of three treatments. Some patients report visibly glowing skin as soon as 48 hours post-treatment,  with continued improvement for the next few weeks. Unlike other fractional treatments, most patients find that they can return to work and life within two-three days without any noticeable redness or peeling.   Plasma™ resets the clock at a cellular level, so your skin behaves like much younger skin. While you’ll still age naturally,  Plasma™ sets your starting point to years earlier. Maintenance treatments can help you minimize lines and wrinkles, tighten your skin, and smooth away scars and stretch marks for the long-term. Opus Plasma™ can be applied to the face, neck, shoulders, chest, stomach, hands, and legs. 

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For the best skin resurfacing in Pinellas Prak FL, consider  Plasma™ at Face2Face.  Schedule a complimentary consultation at (727) 301-2578 or fill out our online contact form to see if this revolutionary treatment is a good fit for your skin rejuvenation needs. We look forward to meeting you and showing you how Face2Face

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