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Prenatal Skincare

Prenatal Treatments


The Pregnant Belly Facial

60 Min, $72.00

This treatment is for the belly of expectant mothers. It uses gentle exfoliation and a high concentration of barrier repair oils to maximize skin strength, moisturize and increase elasticity to prevent stretch marks, and relieves dryness, discomfort and itchiness. Our luxurious facial beds completely contour to the shape of the body to relieve back pressure and pregnant women will find it’s the most comfortable laying position that they have had all throughout their pregnancy. At the conclusion of the service, an at-home skin maintenance plan is recommended to ensure the belly skin stays soft, moist and supple.


Prenatal Facial

60 Min, $80.00  

60-Minute Prenatal Facial 
100% customized to what your skin needs at the time of your appointment your advanced clinical medical aesthetician will discuss with you What your skin may need while pregnant your skin is going through a lot of different changes hormones are increasing skin may start breaking out like a teenager again. dry flaking patches or facial melasma ,pigmentation,
This facial includes scalp massage. 

Help Mom Relax Before The Baby Comes! 




Prenatal Peel

60 min, $80.00

The Pregnancy glow is an unfortunate myth for some, thanks to skyrocketing hormones, more than 50%
of pregnant women develop a “pregnancy mask,” the darkening of pigmentation around the mouth,
cheeks, and forehead also known as melasma or hyperpigmentation, and many also develop acne.
Exhaustion and water retention may lead to under-eye pouches, while increased blood flow can cause
spider veins across the face of about two-thirds of pregnant women experience the dreadful pregnancy


Benefits Of Prenatal Skincare

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Why is a Facial Beneficial in Pregnancy?

A facial will break the monotony of your pregnancy and give you some ‘me-time.’ This session of pampering will rejuvenate your face skin and also relax you. Heat rashes, dark circles, oily or dry skin will tone down after a session of mild, chemical-free facial, thereby, uplifting your mood and giving you the much-deserved confidence.

Best Pregnancy Facials

Following are facials which are considered to be safe during pregnancy.  

  • Oxygen facial

This facial regulates and improves the circulation of blood. It also helps in reducing wrinkles on the face.

  • Deep cleansing facial

This facial is especially beneficial if you are suffering from acne. A deep cleansing facial involves gentle massage, extraction, and exfoliation, all of which are safe during pregnancy. 

  • Hydrating facials

This will help if your skin is dry as a hydrating facial will moisturise your skin.

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